Monday, 1 October 2012

Myself - Amirul Aiman

My full name  is Amirul  Aiman  bin  Noor  Azwi. I was  born  on  twenty  first  of  February. I’m ten  years  old. I  have  one  younger   sister  and  one  younger  brother, Aina  and  Amir  Firdaus. Aina  is  six  and  Amir  is  three. My  father  is  a  technician  and  my  mother  is  a  teacher. I like to  play   badminton  and  football. I enjoy reading. I  read  mysteries, adventures  and  fantasies. I like to eat sizzling, pizzas and  spaghetti. I am clever and active person. I do not like   sitting  around  and  doing  nothing.