Monday, 17 September 2012

karangan asyhqin& fadilla

 Karangan :Asyhqin & Fadilla
                 Last weekend,alim and his friend went camping.This was Alim ‘s first outing and he was very excited.They  camped at the foothills of Gunung Ledang which is in Johore.They brought tents, clothes, torhlight, cooking  utensils and enough food for two days.
               There was a waterfall near their campsite where the water was clear,clean and cold.The boys spent a lot of time playing in the water.When they were tired and hungry,they decided to cook some food. Alim’s friend taught him how to start a fire by using sticks.After setting up the fire,they started to cook .As they had brought mostly canned food,they only had to heat them up.They ate bread with chicken.
              After spending two day there, they packed up to return home.Before they left their campsite,they make sure that the rubbish and put them in a big garbage bag.Alim and his friends really enjoyed this adventure.